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Aramit PSC

Aramit PSC is a Portland Slag Cement which is manufactured by mixing common raw materials, Clinker and Gypsum, with major mineral components (MIC), Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GBFS).

PSC is generally used to provide structures with the quality of salinity protection, durability and strength. Hoover Dam in USA, Petronas Twin Tower in Malaysia and Burj Khalifa Tower in Dubai are some of the notable examples of structures made from Portland Slag Cement.

Specification & Composition

  • IS 455 – 2015
  • Clinker: 62%
  • Slag: 35%
  • Gypsum: 3%

Technical Information

Test Results

Benefits of Aramit PSC

  • High long term strength due to its pozzolanic reaction
  • Improves workability of concrete
  • Better & smoother surface finishing
  • Reduced water demand results in higher strength of concrete
  • Less heat of hydration results in lower thermal expansion and less possibility of crack afterwards
  • Strong chemical (sea water, acid, chloride, sulphate) resistance
  • Lower permeability results dense concrete
  • Prohibits corrosion of concrete and steel within
  • Reduces lime leaching


  • Basement, Foundation and all RCC structures
  • Residential Buildings and High-Rise Buildings
  • Dam blocks and under water structures
  • Commercial structures
  • Marine structures
  • Pillar & Slab of Bridges & Culverts