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Aramit Ordinary Portland cement

The Aramit Ordinary Portland cement is producing by creating a mixture of clinker (95-100%) and Gypsum (0-5%). For the demand of different cement types for construction projects, Aramit cement has been producing this with the latest technology available. Along with the separate production lines, the cement is stored in silos and packed with automated rotary packing machines. Inclusion of these features lend Aramit cement an inimitable unique quality among the available offerings in the industry. The raw materials are sourced from Thailand, Vietnam, China and Japan.

Specification & Composition

  • BDS EN 197 – 1:2003, CEM I, 52.5 N
  • ASTM C150 Types – 1
  • Clinker: 95-100%
  • Gypsum: 0-5%

Technical Information

Test Results

Benefits of Aramit Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)

  • High early strength shortens project and reduces project cost. Pre-stress work can be done within scheduled time
  • Faster setting helps to set the concrete quickly even in low temperature and during rain. Aramit Ordinary Portland Cement can be used for water-prone projects (projects in wet or marshy land, drainage works) where shuttering works can be done easily and properly.
  • Premium quality ensures strength of cement over 6500 PSI at 28 days (ASTM C-109) allowing flexibility in design


  • Mass concreting and all RCC structure
  • Residential apartments and individual homes
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping Malls
  • Commercial and Industrial structures
  • Basement, Foundation and all RCC structures
  • Residential Buildings and High-rise buildings
  • Dam, Block, Marine and Underwater structures
  • Commercial structures
  • Pillar and Slab for Bridge & Culverts