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Aramit OPC 43N Grade

Aramit OPC 43 Grade is an Ordinary Portland Cement containing only clinker and gypsum. As to the specific & high volume demands in construction work in India, Aramit Cement has been manufacturing and supplying OPC 43 Grade from their hi-tech manufacturing plants to several international markets.

Specification & Composition

  • IS 269 – 2015, 43 Grade
  • Clinker: 95.00%
  • Gypsum: 5.00%

Technical Information

Test Results

Benefits of using OPC 43 Grade

  • High early strength shortens project duration and reduces project cost. Pre-stress work can be done within scheduled time
  • Faster setting helps to set the concrete quickly even in low temperature and during rain. Aramit OPC 43 Grade can be used for water-prone projects (projects in wet or marshy land drainage works) where shuttering works cannot be done easily and properly
  • Premium quality ensures strength of cement over 51.72 MPa at 28 days (IS 269 : 2015) allowing flexibility in design


  • High early strength concrete
  • Early setting of concrete
  • Pre-stressed concrete structures (bridge girder, electric pole, beam, slab of industrial building etc.)